Friday, March 5, 2010

Will You?

Go ahead, dear blog readers. I dare you to leave a comment below.

And for the really brave people, I dare you to blog, FB, tweet, or send emails telling others about my dare (linking back to this blog post, of course), and then leave a separate comment below telling me you did it.

Go ahead. I dare you.


  1. Hi Larissa! And BRAVO for being brave enough to leave a comment! :)

  2. Howdy! I migrated over here from the Blue Board. Love the fancy digs!

  3. Yup. Can't turn down a dare. I even blogged about you.

  4. Okay--and I dare you to leave a comment on my blog (I'm giving away some really fun books this week!).

  5. Hi SB. Glad to have you visit!

    And, YAY! Kaylie. So far you've been the bravest person yet.

    And, I take your dare, Syndey.

    Thanks, everyone!

  6. Hi! I'm new over here but am on Utah Children writers.
    Dare don't usually motivate. It's the 'double dog dare with a cherry on top' that push me over the edge :)

  7. Welcome, Taffy! Well, then, next time I'll have to try the double dog dare with a cherry on top. Yes. I think I might just do that.

    Thanks for the comment!