Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Come, Follow Me...

I haven't posted here in...well, I don't really want to know how long, because then I'll feel guilty about it.  But anyway, though I'm ready to blog again, I realized that I've grown this past...er, however long.

And I want to try something new, something a bit broader than writing about writing, so I'm starting a new blog and shutting this one down for good.

I hope you'll make the move with me.

But if you don't, so long, and thanks for the fishes.  (Sorry, that's a book reference, and I hardly ever get to use it.  A gold star to the person/people who can name the book where you can find that quote.)

Anyway, you can meet me at my new digs here:

The new blog will be more me but less about writing, though I'm a writer and writing things occupy a large percentage of my thoughts, so you'll still get your writing fix if you join me there.  But I also want to blog about other things like Disneyland and the New Horizons Mission to Pluto; home improvement projects and excercise tips (getting them, not giving them); and fluffier stuff like cute shoes or serious things like religion and politics (though, to be honest, I never do take politics as we know it very seriously). I'm sharing lots through my eyes as an ENFJ personality type, so you'll get to know more about people and how they work, too.  Or how I work, anyway.

It should be an interesting experience.  Probably more entertaining, anyway.

I hope to see you there!