Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Revisions? Or World Domination?

Shhh, don't tell my agent, but revisions on my WIP have stalled. Some of it has to do with my daughter, who has been a pretty sick little girl (she's much much better now--nearly back to normal, thank goodness) and part of it has to do with a certain little blog idea I had about a week ago. I hope that blog, BTW, is my ticket to world domination.

But I'm sitting down RIGHT NOW to get back to work on my poor, neglected WIP. I mean it. I'm going.

Do you see me going? I'm doing it. I'm moving toward posting this message and turning the computer off. I'm really doing it.

Fine. I'm really going now. Sheesh. You're so pushy.


  1. That's me. Bossy Shmossy.
    I found it way hard to get started on my revisions, but once I got going, I got way excited to finish. Probably because I need to get my MS ready for WIFYR and all.
    I hope your blog is going well. Remember me when you're world leader.

  2. Of course I'll remember you, Kaylie. I plan on being a beneficent ruler, you know. :)

    Getting started on revisions is always hard, isn't it? And because I stopped working on them, I have to restart, which is almost worse since I can't remember where I left off.