Friday, February 26, 2010

Long or Short?

I'm wondering...which type of post do you prefer reading?

Short and sweet?

Long and lovely?

Who cares about length, as long as it is (fill in the blank)?

As for me, at first glance I prefer the short ones. But then I find myself writing these terribly long posts and I wonder if anyone else scrolls to the end and whines "Oh, maaaan. Not another long-winded writer. I hope this post is worth the read."

(For the record, I know mine are.)

(Don't argue with me on this.) :)


  1. If I see a lot of long paragraphs, I tend to skip or skim. I try to break my longer posts up by making short paragraphs.

  2. I like short blogs, though mine tend to end up longer than I want them to too.

  3. Good idea, Lisa. I have to agree with you.

    And me, too, Alice. Mine are longer than I want them to be. Oh well. No one's complained yet, so I guess I'll be just fine.

    Thanks for commenting, both of you!

  4. I'm a fan of pictures. I also like shorter paragraphs so my eye can flow from one idea to the next. I think it's the same thing for me in books!

  5. Ah, pictures! I have yet to use those. I should, though. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. I'll read posts long or short as long as they are unique and useful or humorous or personal. As soon as I lose interest I click away or don't return. It's tough, tough blogging world.

  7. Yes, it is a tough world. Thanks for sharing, I'm getting a better grasp on what people read from these comments.

    And thanks for reading my blog!