Monday, February 22, 2010

Need a Story Idea? Clean Out a Box!

My in-laws came for dinner yesterday, and my father-in-law called beforehand and asked if he could get copies of all the genealogy I've been working on for him. (Yes, I happen to like researching names of ancestors, even ones not technically mine but my husband's.) He was ready for me to pass the torch, so to speak.

The problem? My files were still in boxes from our move sixth months ago. So before he came I took some time to clean out a few and find the files.

And guess what I found? An old list of story ideas I'd completely forgotten about. And I also found the beginning of a story (I write a lot of those, and they can usually be found in the middle of one of the million or so cheap spiral bound notebooks I have floating around my house), and luckily the beginning showed some real promise.

And that's real treasure, I tell you. Especially since lately I've been struggling to find a great story idea. Hooray for ideas that come in boxes!

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