Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A New Way of Looking at the Library

A few days ago I took Princess to the library. She still can't read, but she LOVES books.
Here's how the visit went.

P: "Mommy, can I go inside with you?"

Me: "Yes, of course!"

P: "Can I pick out princess books?"

Me: "I think you've read them all."

P: *Skips into the library and goes straight to the shelves and pulls one off.* "Do we have this one at home, Mommy? Can I bring it home?"

Me: "That's a good choice."

P: *Randomly pulls books off the shelf and puts them in her pile.*

Me: *Watches P and looks at the pile of books.* "You sure like books with pink on them, don't you!"

P: "Uh-huh!" *beams*

I think she's on to something. Maybe next time I go to the library, I will only check out white books. Or black books. Or purple books. Or green books.

Or maybe I should just work on teaching Princess how to read.

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