Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Day in the Life...

...of a mom who wishes she was a published author but who really should take up Housekeeping instead.

7:30 am-I get the usual whack in the face wake up call from Sweet Pea (the 1yo).

7:34 am-Dude (my 10yo) gets up to help with Sweet Pea. He loves her dearly and loves me enough to let me sleep in a few extra minutes.

8:11am-Dearest (that's my husband) leaves for work with his usual "Get out of bed! I'm leaving!" goodbye.

8:29am-Phone call from Dearest telling me some news or other about work that really doesn't apply to me. I think it's a ruse to see if I'm officially awake.

9:04am-Dude tells me he has a stuffy nose and stiff neck. He really does. I can tell. His words come out all...well...stuffy.

9:12am-Call school to let them know we are sick. (Ours is a parent-partner school, so I have to stay on campus with my kids. If one is sick, we all can't go.) The fifth phone call in a month. Did I mention we only attend twice a week? You do the math on that one to see how poor our attendance has been recently.

9:26am-Dude and Sweet Pea have already eaten, but the others, Buddy (7), Kiddo (6 in three days), and Princess (4), dig in. They are surprisingly self-sufficient. They each choose a bowl of sugared cereal and cold milk. At least this milk made it back into the fridge. There is another 1/4 gallon on the table that has been sitting out all night. Oops.

9:26am-I sit down the the computer. First things first. Check writing email. Nope. No sign of Agent response. Dang.

9:27am-Sweet Pea climbs on my lap and signs "food." Never-mind that she has already devoured a whole banana and a bowl full of oatmeal.

9:27am-Sweet Pea doesn't take offered food but settles into cuddle position on my lap. I figure since I'm stuck, I might as well get some computer work done. Check other email, reply to a few about scout activity I am running tonight (I volunteer as Cubmaster for Dude's scout pack), then log in to Verla Kay's blueboards.

10:34am-Still surfing the blueboards. Wonder if I should stop and get started on my WIP instead. Shrug and keep surfing. Sweet Pea has fallen asleep on lap.

10:37am-Buddy and Kiddo start fighting over a toy. I shrug again. It's better than what would normally happen--me fighting with them to get dressed for school. Sweet Pea sleeps through it all.

10:42am-Dude tries to take Sweet Pea off my lap. She, of course, wakes up and cries. Nice try, but no luck. Sweet Pea back in my arms and I am still stuck in the chair. Might as well do some more surfing.

11:46am-Dude asks if he can go online and play video games. I make him get out his writing book instead. I'm so mean.

11:57am-Dude asks if he can take a break for lunch. I tell him no.

11:58am-Dude asks if he can now take a break for lunch. I say no again.

12:01pm-Dude says it is now lunch time and time for a break. I laugh in his face and tell him to finish his writing assignment and then do his math.

12:48pm-I start lunch. I tell Buddy to go down to the freezer in the garage and get some hot dogs so I can make Beanie Weenies for lunch. He disappears downstairs.

12:54pm-I stare at the sink full of dirty dishes and realize it will take me longer to clean a pot to cook the Beanie Weenies in than it would to break out the sandwich makin's. I wonder where Buddy is with the hot dogs, anyway.

1:12pm-Sandwiches are passed all around. Buddy reappears, complaining about not getting his fave Beanie Weenies (but, remarkably, he forgets he was the one in charge of retrieving the Weenies). Sweet Pea tosses the bread onto the floor and devours the cheese and deli meat. I look into the front room and realize the kids have been busy while I've been making lunch. The floor is covered with books, toys, pillows and blankets. There's nowhere left to walk.

2:26pm-Front room is still a mess. Now Buddy and Kiddo have really pushed each other's buttons and a shouting/slapping match has begun. Sweet Pea, playing innocently on the floor, gets runover by angry big bros. A stern talking to ensues. They don't listen.

3:52pm-Another fighting/shouting match between Buddy and Kiddo, but Kiddo is mad enough now to take on a hornet's nest and win. I send entire troup to bedrooms for some quiet time. Dude needs it, stuffy nose has quickly worn him out. Princess too--she was crying in the hallway because Dude beat her to the pile of diapers I had asked someone to fetch for me.

4:04pm--Kids are finally quiet in beds. Front room still looks like a tornodo struck. I am exhasted, so I sit down with Sweet Pea and cuddle. The computer is close by, however. I have a great idea for a post on my blog. I get to work.

4:18pm--Every child escapes from bedroom for a "snack." The snack ends up being as much as they ate for lunch. Sweet Pea has fallen asleep in my arms (again) so I am helpless to stop the sandwich makin festivities. I do the only thing I can, I threaten no dinner. They shrug and make the sandwiches anyway. I guess I won't be cooking tonight.

4:20pm--I have just finished typing up this post. I'm sure there will be more to come. But soon we will be heading out to set up for Scouts, then we will get home in time for complaints about the lack of dinner (mostly from Dearest, but the others will chime in once he does) and then more arguments as bedtime approaches. Then I will get some alone time to write, but I will probably squander this time by checking for emails from agents (in vain because it will be long after they have gone home for the day) and staring at the still messy front room.



  1. LOL! I can soooo relate. I have 3 kiddo's of my own. Writer/ mother. It's a fine line. (((hugs)))

    Christy (via the blueboards)


  2. My husband used to call me up at 8:30 too when he was working, but I was not (after a fashion). It's tough when the only time you really have to write is when everyone else is sleeping... And writing with your kids around is like draining the ocean with a tea colander.