Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Linky Love in May

Photopedia image by Anna Strumillo
I do love seeing what links people find fascinating enough to pass on to others in their social networks.  I find Twitter particularly useful for this, though Facebook and Google+ aren't far behind.

And, lucky you, I've been keeping track of the links I liked best.  Don't ask me how I found them...sometimes one link would send me to another, and so on.  But I do want to thank my social network for sending these gems along to me.

Here's my linky love for May (in random order):

  • I love this cartoon about literary devices.  My favorite: the Irony Board, though the Random Analogy Generator is pretty funny too.
  • Are you writing a book about digging a hole straight through the earth?  Well, here is an antipodal map that will show you exactly where you'd come out the other end.  For you U.S. people, sorry to disappoint, but it won't be China.  Just sayin'.
  • The Merit Badger has created merit badges just for writers.  Never fear, non-writers.  There are merit badges for readers and some for holidays, too.  I love these.  I am so going to make* a bandelo one of these days, and put my very own writing merit badges on it.
  • Harold Underdown's website, The Purple Crayon, is an amazing resource for anyone writing for children.  But my favorite part of his site is the Who's Moving Where? page.  If you are obsessed about keeping up with the editorial staff changes at children's book publishers, this is the page for you.
  • Need help with names?  Serendipity is a site that has random generators.  I've had this bookmarked for years.  There are place name generators, people name generators, and even a fantasy title generator.  It's particularly helpful for you fantasy writers out there.  Cool beans.

There you go, dear readers.  I hope you enjoy some of those links!

*Okay, not really.  Though I am rather handy with a sewing machine.

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