Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bananas and Tube Socks

I wanted to make this post sound more exotic than it really is. So I opted for the intriguing title, "Bananas and Tube Socks." Made you look, didn't it?

I actually have nothing important to share. I have no news on the manuscript front, at least. And unless you care to know my husband has a business trip coming up soon and is heading out with his work buddies and leaving me home with the kids, I have nothing to report on the home front, either.

In other words, my life is just about as exciting as bananas and tube socks.

But I got to thinking that sometimes I prefer bananas and tube socks to, say, mangoes and pantyhose. Sometimes I long for the excitement that mangoes and pantyhoes bring (which, I might add, has been a particular problem of mine lately, at least on the manuscript front), but then I remember that bananas and tube socks do provide me with a full belly and warm toes.

And aren't warm toes and a fully belly all we really need?

So, I hope that when the rest of you find yourselves wondering where the mangoes and pantyhose are, just don't forget that you still have bananas and tube socks. And be grateful for the company while you wait for the mangoes and pantyhose to arrive.

I know I am. Well, I'm trying to, at least.


  1. Well, ya snagged my interest with your infernal bananas and tube socks. I've unfortunately had to ignore my kids to keep reading your blog. That's a shame, I tell you. A damn shame.

  2. HI Elissa. I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up on your progress. Love the bananas and tube socks entry. It caught my interest. Shows how important titles are! Anyway, Here's the link for the kidlit contest. I posted it on both your blogs. Thanks again for letting me. http://kidlit.com/kidlit-contest/