Monday, September 20, 2010

Linky Love Contest: Second Blogiversary Edition (With Double the Prizes)!

This weekend my little blog turned 2. (Well, I started blogging on LJ two years ago, anyway. This Blogspot edition came a little later.)

I am hoping this means it will be potty trained soon and can move quickly through that awkward teenage phase and on to the grown-up blog it was meant to be.

And to help it along, I've decided it's time to shamelessly promote it.


I'm hosting a Linky Love: Second Blogiversary Edition Contest!

I want to see how many links to my blog we can get out there in the world. I will be seriously disappointed if only three people enter. So do me a favor and help me out here.

All I ask is that you share a link to my blog somewhere, asking people to check it out. Then leave a comment telling me where you've shared your linky love--on FB, blog, twitter, message board, email*, in a letter to your grandmother, on the bathroom stall at the local college**, whatever (share a link to your linky love if you can). Each link counts as one entry. You can also earn extra entries if someone sees your link, checks out my blog and leaves a comment telling me you sent them (they must mention your name in the comment for you to earn the additional entry).

The person with the most linky love entries wins. So linking once most likely won't be a winning entry. (It had better not, at least. If it is, I will be so embarrassed.) In case of a tie, the winner will then be chosen by lottery.

Seems simple enough, right?

Since my blog is now TWO, and this is the SECOND Blogiversary edition of a Linky Love contest, I thought I'd stick with the "TWO" theme for the prize. But that didn't seem like it was big enough, so I'm doubling that.

The winner will receive the following FOUR (you know, because 2 X 2 = 4) SIGNED books:

Soul Enchilada (hardcover), David Macinnis Gill

The Healing Spell (hardcover), Kimberley Little

Jungle Crossing (ARC), Sydney Salter

Palace Beautiful (hardcover), Sarah DeFord Williams

(Yes, all four are signed by their respective authors! I'd take pictures, but my camera isn't working. You'll just have to take my word for it.)

Please don't make me feel like a loser. Hopefully the prize is worth a little linky love on your part. And, yes, pity links are as much appreciated as "Ohmygoodnessyouhavetocheckoutthisblogit'sawesomeandthebloggerishysterical" links. I'm not picky.

I do have to mention here that this contest is for US/CAN residents only. Sorry, international friends. I would love to include you but I think shipping these mostly hardcovers would be a little more than I could cover at this time. But you are still welcome to link away. In fact, I would really appreciate it. And I should also mention that this contest is being run simultaneously on my LJ journal and my Blogspot blog (same content, different platform). So if you want to see where your entries stand, you'll have to check both blogs.

To give people time to link and check out links, this contest will run through Thursday, September 30, 2010. All entries must be posted by 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Winner will be announced once I can tally everything up.

Link away! And thanks for playing!

Oh, and happy blogiversary, little blog.

*Spamming your entire email list will NOT count. Well, it will, but you'll only get one entry. So I don't suggest you do it. It might make your friends and family mad at you. Let's share the love, not the spam, okay?
**On second thought, maybe not on the college bathroom stalls. I don't think anyone would appreciate the vandalism. But putting a flyer up on the college's public bulletin that could work.


  1. I'm in Australia, so no entry for me, but happy blogiversary!

  2. I don't have a website or blog yet, but when I do, I will link you!!!
    Happy Anniversary, Elissa!!


  3. Linked! Good luck with the contest!!

    aka chrisser from Verla's

  4. Linky love at :0)

  5. Gotcha linked!

    Keep on keepin' on!
    Jenna from the trenches

  6. Happy blogiversary, Elissa! :)

    I don't have a blogroll on my site (should remedy that one of these days!), but I tweeted...

  7. Ena, thanks for the sentiments. And thanks for sticking around this little blog of mine.

    Chris, you are the best! Thanks for spreading the love!

    Jen, thanks for the linkylove!

    Jenna, aw...thank you! See you in the trenches, my friend.

    Shari, I saw your tweet and thanked you there, but wanted to do the same thing here. And if it makes you feel any better, I don't have a blogroll either. Only because I keep changing templates and every time I do it wipes the blogrolls out. Grrr. Anway, thanks for the link!

    Thanks to everyone who supports this blog! I am so grateful. Really, I am!

  8. linked at http//

  9. Hi E!

    I linked on my blog and will hit twitter and fb tomorrow... :)

  10. What a fantastic giveaway! Count me in! I'm all about the fun and I'll for sure be adding you to my sidebar!

    Larissa sent me over (I'm sure she'd love some brownie points for the shout-out!)

  11. Thanks, Larissa! You're always such a good sport!

    Jen--I'm all about the fun, too, except for when I'm not. ;) Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

  12. All right, I got twitter:!/lchardesty/status/25808441979

    and Facebook:!/lchardesty?v=wall&story_fbid=121647821223430


  13. Hey - you should give Larissa an extra entry - because of her blog post I hopped on over. Happy blogoversary!