Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If You Know a Kid...

...please tell them all about the new For Kids pages at From the Mixed-Up Files...of Middle-Grade Authors. My mixed-up cohorts have been hard at work compiling book-related resources for kids, including crafts, games and activities, homework help, and writing ideas. A shout out to Joanne Prushing Johnson, who spearheaded the For Kids pages and did most of the work. Way to go, Joanne!

And you have to check out the adorable original puzzles created by our very own Bonnie Adamson. She's creating unique puzzles and crafts exclusively for our site. Here are links to the first and second puzzles she's added to the site. Aren't they fun?!

Today the For Kids page mascot posted an entry on the blog, introducing himself and the For Kids pages. He's hoping one of our kid readers will give him a name, since right now he's simply known as M. G.

So, spread the word to all the kids you know. Come help pick a name for our mascot and poke around our new files.

Happy reading, kids!