Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Agentiversary to Me!

Yes, one year ago (yesterday), Agent Man called and offered representation.

I guess this means I'm not newly agented anymore, huh.

Anyway, here's a recap of what has happened since I signed with my agent:

1. I finished some quick revisions on my first book, and Agent Man started subbing it to some pretty awesome editors. (Did I ever mention that Agent Man signed me with the very first novel I ever wrote? I didn't have anything else finished at that point. Yeah, I'm certain that was a mistake on his part, but now he's stuck with me. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!)
2. I started thinking about Book 2.
3. Agent Man left Writers House and moved to Russell and Volkening, and was kind enough to ask me to move over with him. (I think asking me to stick with him was his 2nd big mistake, but, whatever.)
4. I finally finished the first/second draft of Book 2 and sent it to Agent Man (certain that he would read it and realize his mistake in signing me). He read and gave some amazing suggestions, which I am still incorporating in the manuscript.
5. A small number of those awesome editors finally sent some rejection emails to Agent Man. Only one really hated the book, a few were lukewarm to it, but most liked it but said it didn't fit their list. (Those were the reasons they gave for the R's, anyway.) We're still waiting on the majority of the awesome editors who have the ms.

Okay, totally OT, but what is the grammatically correct way of writing the shortened version of "rejections"? Is it Rs or R's? I need this question answered, because it's keeping me awake at night.

Oh, sorry. Back to the list...

6. I started a group blog *cough cough* because I finally found the nerve to ask people to join me...I figured they might actually take me seriously (getting an agent will do that to you). I should point out that I never take myself seriously. Well, only on rare occasions, and it always turns out badly.
7. An industry professional (translation: a real, honest-to-goodness editor) agreed with Agent Man that I am a funny writer! O HAPPY DAY! (See this post that mentions my life-long wish to be considered funny.)
8. I made it to my first acquisitions meeting with Book 1. Yay! Though I didn't make it THROUGH my first acquisitions meeting. Sigh.
9. I think I've gained 20 lbs. and my first dozen gray hairs from all the suspense of waiting and hoping and wondering. I am not old enough for gray hairs! (Good thing there are few enough of them that I can still pluck them out.) And I am not exactly happy that the submission process is making my butt look big. Curse you, Stress (and Stress Eating)!
10. I'm happily revising Book 2 and working on the first draft of a third book. And working out the plot of a fourth. I'm not exactly the most productive writer out there, but not bad for a year's worth of work, right? (Just nod your head and agree with me here.)

Anyway, thanks for a good year, Agent Man. And here's to the next one, which is gonna be bigger and better, guaranteed.*

Happy Agentiversary!

*'Course, I can't really make any guarantees, but that's beside the point. It's the sentiment that counts, right?


  1. that's awesome! i'm sure it's going to happen for you really soon!

  2. Thanks, Amie! *fingers crossed*

    (And *fingers crossed* for you, too!)

  3. It's been a pleasure. Let's hope that we get THROUGH the acquisitions meeting so the second Agentversary post doesn't have daggers instead of fireworks!


    Agent Man

  4. He is pretty cool and those editors aren't IMHO! I think he is amazing with his critiquing and his tenacity.
    Don't know what the pounds equivalent is but these past 18 months have been annual horribulous (to quote the queen) and I have gained 10 kilos.
    Have now pulled myself up and re-focussed. Must be something to do with settling the litigation against an institution which did a very bad wrong to our youngest daughter. Now looking forward.
    I once, about six years ago, had an editor and publisher in the US (S&S) love one of my novels but it was stopped at acquisitions by the money men – wahhhh

    Agent man has very good taste, me thinks. In years to come there will be much gnashing of teeth by the rejectors when our books are international best sellers

  5. Tania, sorry to hear about your daughter and the acquisitions stopped by money men (yep, been there, done that). And happy to hear you're moving forward now.

    Let's hope we both have some good news to share soon. Thanks for stopping by!

    And thanks to Agent Man for leaving a message, too!

  6. I want to hear more about this meeting...will I see you in November? I think that's the official Halfbodies conference (partway between Nobodies and Somebodies).

  7. Hi Elissa! Molly B. here. I have moved across country to Texas and thought I would check in. Hello! Waving! Can't wait to hear of your first book sale...soon to come no doubt. :)