Monday, July 26, 2010

2nd Annual Pity Party! (for those who aren’t going to SCBWI LA this week)

I can’t believe it’s that time again! Yes, I'm talking about the annual summer SCBWI conference in LA. We nobodies need a place to call our own as the somebodies hobnob with the really big somebodies out there in the California sunshine. And I take my job as Biggest of Nobodies very seriously.

So, welcome to the 2nd Annual Pity Party for those not going to the SCBWI Conference!

We have a great lineup this year. First we will have our very own Whine and Cheese Reception, where we will read through the SCBWI Schedule and complain about those lucky enough to be there in person.

Next we’ll have a Breakout in Envy Session titled How to Be a Nobody. Here we will share our jealousy about how we are still not on the list of Really Big Somebodies who are lucky enough to get the honor of speaking at the SCBWI Conference.

Then the real fun begins. We will have our very own, no-holds-barred, razzle-dazzle, in-your-face “Stab My Heart and Squash My Soul Celebration”! Here we will wriggle and writhe the weekend away as we follow the Official SCBWI Conference Blog and #LA10SCBWI tweets that are only there to rub the fun we’re missing in our faces. In real time, no less. Sheesh.

So, pull up the couch, get out your bonbons or other comfort food, and let the Pity Party begin!

(Oh, I forgot to ask. Who's bringing the cheese?)


  1. Yeah, me too, Nora. Someday.

    With my luck, someday far faaaar into the future, though.

  2. OMG!!! I love this! I want to add my someday into the mix with Nora and you! Excellent post, and glad to know I am welcome to the Pity Party!! I can bring cheese!! ;)

  3. YAY! Glad to have you, Karin! You came to the right Pity Party, too, This is the 3rd one I've hosted (two for the LA conference and one for the NY conference). So I'm an old pro at them now. ;)

    Alright, assume the position...


  4. Sounds like a party for me! Mmmm...bonbons.