Monday, April 19, 2010

Lucky Me

I just found out that I have won one another book contest. How awesome is that?! It's the third one in about a month, so I'm feeling lucky. And our MG group blog is coming together so well that I think my lucky streak extends to that as well. I lead a charmed life.

Happy sigh.

I'm so grateful for all the good luck that I'm working on giving some of it back. So be watching for a special something from me soon. You know, like a book contest kind of something special.


  1. I saw that you won Sydney's contest. Wahoo! I won one of hers, too. We should really form a lucky-Sydney-streak club.

  2. I think you've worked hard for and earned a lot of that luck you've been getting lately. Congrats. You deserve all the good stuff that's happening to you. I'm just trying to keep up with you and not get left too far behind!

  3. Kaylie,

    What a good idea! We do need to have a lucky-Sydney streak club. Maybe we should invite Sydney to join...she said she has never won anything before.


    Thanks. And don't worry. I won't leave you behind! Besides, it's your turn now. Good luck with the agent!