Monday, July 8, 2013

A Long-Overdue Letter From Me to You

Dear Reader:

I really stink at this blog thing.

Now that I have that confession off my chest, I figure I'd better come up with a good excuse why I've been away so long. 

My dog ate my laptop?

I fell down a hole and was sucked into this amazing underworld adventure?

A crate of lions showed up on my doorstep and I have been very busy giving haircut after haircut?

Oh, I know!  I got a phone call.  

Yeah, that'll work.

*ignores the awkward silence*

Anyway, truth be told, I've had my fair share of personal tragedy and professional setbacks the last 6-8 months, but now is not the time for a pity party.  We'll have one of those during SCBWI LA (which I am, again, not attending, so that makes me a nobody yet again this year [see this post to understand what I'm talking about]).  But for now we need to keep moving forward, moving onward, moving...well, moving somewhere.  Movement of any kind is a good thing, at least.

So, onward we go!  I hope you'll join me, dear friend.  

And let's just forget about the last 8 or so months of radio silence on my part, okay?  Thanks.

Affectionately Yours:

P.S. I hope to be back to my regularly scheduled unscheduled schedule shortly. Don't hold your breath, though.  I'm not very good at keeping to a schedule.


  1. Welcome back. Don't sweat it. Do what works for you, and forget about what doesn't, lest you expend energy you need to move forward, er, upward, I mean- anywhere.

  2. Thanks, Mirka. And you're right, of course. That's good advice. I think I'll follow it. :)

  3. I've never been consistent with blogging. So now worries. Glad you're back!