Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm Here, But Not Really

So, you may have noticed that I missed a few weeks' worth of posts.  Yeah...about that....

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I've been knee deep in a book drive for my other blog* for half of September and all of October, and though I love that we can provide such a wonderful collection of books for one library out there, it does take a lot of work to get everything together and the logistics figured out.  That's my first excuse.

The other knee has been plunged into planning our Regional Conference** for SCBWI.  Though this year we opted for a plot intensive instead of a true conference as in years past, so you'd think it would be less work.  Yeah...right.  Excuse #2.

I am also knee deep (I have a lot of knees) in the middle of a revision for an upper MG manuscript*** that I love to pieces.  Unfortunately, Excuse #1 and Excuse #2 have pretty much stolen any writing time I've had the last month or so, and I need to get back on track and Get. This. Manuscript. Finished.

So, because of this, I'll be shutting down this blog temporarily and pulling back on my other online projects through the end of this calendar year.  I'll still probably check in online occasionally, so I'll be here, but not really.  The best chance to see me online will be Thursday night at the #MGlitchat sessions, though I may not be able to get to all of them, either (it's a good thing we have 8 hostesses for the chats, or I'd be in trouble).  And, as always, if you really want to reach me, drop me an email at elissadcruz at gmail dot com.

So, until next year, dear readers!

*This is not an attempt to get you to stop by and vote on who should receive our collection of books.    Okay, it really is.

**This is also not an attempt...oh, who am I kidding?  I totally want you to check out our amazing Plot Intensive with Cheryl Klein, and maybe even sign up to come.

***This is not an attempt to get you to read the manuscript.  I mean it this time.  Maybe if it sells to a publisher someday, then I might attempt to get you to read it, but you're safe for now.

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