Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nominate a Library Today!

(Psst.  Hey, I know you are curious to know why I missed last Friday's Friday Reads.  It was because I wasn't actually reading.  I was getting ready for a baby shower I was hosting for my baby sister.  In fact, I spent the whole week offline.  I don't think I turned my computer on the whole week, either.  So, sorry about that.  But we're back on schedule for this week, so it's all good.  Hope you'll forgive me.)

Today on my other blog we are launching our second Great Library Giveaway.  We've collected almost 50 middle-grade titles and we would like to donate them to one lucky public, private or school library.  The problem with this great idea is that it's hard to narrow down which library to choose.  So we are asking our readers to nominate one.  

Head on over and tell us which library you'd suggest we send our collection to.  We'll be accepting nominations through October 16th.  Then, from Oct 20th-30th we'll choose three finalists at random and let our readers vote on which library should receive our middle-grade collection.  

We are also hoping to collect 100 titles for this giveaway, and we are only half-way there.  Please consider donating a middle-grade book for this, since you'll be helping a worthy library.  Any book will do--a new release or an old classic--but it needs to be in new or like-new condition.  Also, hardcover is preferred, though we will accept paperback as well.

I hope you'll join in the fun and nominate or donate, or both!  See you on the MG side! 

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