Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Announcing the first ever MSFV Success Story Blog Hop!

Some of you may remember that a million years ago I entered my first page in the Secret Agent Contest held on the Miss Snark's First Victim blog.  I was declared the winner, whisked my full manuscript off to that month's Secret Agent, and he signed me a few months later.  I was the first direct success story from one of her contests.

Now there are almost two dozen authors who owe their agent success stories (in part or directly, like me) to Authoress and her MSFV contests.  Some of us are still waiting to sell and others have gone on to critical acclaim, but we're all one big, happy MSFV family.  So many of us have come together to help promote each other in our first ever blog hop.

For the first two weeks in August, a different author will post an interview of one of our fellow Success Stories.  There may be giveaways involved, too.  Or so the rumor goes.

So, from August 1 through August 15, check in on the following blogs and celebrate Authoress and her Success Stories:

August 1--David Kazzie (@davidkazzie)
August 2--Leigh Talbert Moore (@leightmoore)
August 3--J.Anderson Coats (@jandersoncoats)
August 4--J.M. Frey (@scifrey)
August 5--Elissa Cruz (@elissacruz)
August 6--Amanda Sun (@Amanda_Sun)
August 7--Kristi Helvig (@KristiHelvig)
August 8--Leah Petersen (@Leahpetersen)
August 9--Monica Bustamante Wagner (@Monica_BW)
August 10--E.M. Kokie (@emkokie)
August 11--Monica Goulet (@MonicaGoulet)
August 12--PeterSalomon (@petersalomon)
August 13--Sarah Brand (@sarahbbrand)
August 14--Angela Ackerman (@angelaackerman & @writerthesaurus)
August 15--Tara Dairman

For you Twitter people, get more details and tidbits by following our hashtag, #MSFVSuccessStory.

I hope you enjoy the blog hop!

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