Monday, March 26, 2012

Finding Inspiration

The weather has been so nice for the past two weeks that I've been spending most of my time out in the yard, pruning and weeding and getting the garden prepped for planting.  But this morning, Mother Nature decided I'd had enough sun, so she sent a lovely little thunderstorm instead.
Ah, well, I suppose revision is the name of the game today.

But as I sat at my computer, revising that quiet little WIP that's been calling my name for months, I realized the thunderstorm outside was also calling my name.  I could feel it's dark, murderous mood (which, incidentally, was NOT the mood of the scene I was revising), and I wanted to capture it on paper somehow.

I was inspired.

The thunderstorm must have heard my thoughts and wanted to remain free, because it quickly moved on before I had a chance to open a file and start typing, but I did take a few moments to think about how quickly I had found inspiration.  I decided to look around and see if there was any other inspiration I could find.

And I did.  The budding flowers of the bright yellow forsythia plant outside my window brought a happy thought.  The pair of mud-encrusted shoes by my front door brought an imagine  quietly churning the soil; of quiet strength as the very earth itself was moved by my hands.  I thought of the wind as it moaned through the house, conjuring images of ghosts and phantoms and unseen things.

Finding inspiration is as easy as taking the time to look around.  Where do you find inspiration?  Please inspire me!


  1. Right now, the crystal on my windowsill is filling my room with little rainbows.

  2. Aw, that's a lovely image, Jennifer!

  3. Ooh, I love this post. I'm going to have to look around for inspiration and let you know what I find, but nature is one of my biggest inspirations. So is music.

  4. Thanks, Alice. Good luck finding your own inspiration!