Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Can Do It! YAY YOU!

I know there is someone out there reading this who is having a hard day.

So today I'm cheering you on. Why? Well, I just feel ridiculously happy for no reason at all. In fact, I even got a rejection letter from an editor today, and I actually wanted to hug it! (It was a nice R, which probably helped.)

Yes, today is all about encouraging you. Having a hard time with your WIP? Getting a whole bunch of form Rs in your inbox? Dealing with sick kids, ornery coworkers, attack dogs?

Don't worry. You'll make it through! You can do it! YAY YOU!

Seriously, everyone has bad days. And everyone needs some encouragement. And if you need some today, I'm happy to help. Now you can get back out there and know someone's cheering you on.

So, one more time...



  1. Thank you. In fact, at that very moment, I really needed that.

  2. You're a sweetheart. I want to keep this marked so I can come back to it on bad days:)

  3. Oh, Nova! Here's a big hug to go with it. HUGS!

    Lisa: Come back anytime you need some encouragement. In fact, I might bookmark this one for me to come back to later, too.

    Larissa: You are so welcome, L!

  4. Now how did you know I needed that? I woke up with a migraine, Adam is in NY, my 1hr appointment for a mammogram took 4, they found something so they followed up with an ultrasound and I now have to go in for a biopsy, I have an extra kid for the night and I can't sleep so I went online to find this waiting for me. Yay to you too. I needed this. Thanks, Mary

  5. Aw, Mary, I saw your FB post about the biopsy. *HUGS*

    Hang in there!